KDays 2016 Drumline
KDays Drumline
KDays 2016 Colorguard
KDays Guard
KDays 2016 Hornline
Kdays Horns
Riverside Guard
Riverside Drumline
Performing at the Drum Corps International show in Riverside, California 2016
Riverside Mason
Travel and Perform
Travel and Perform
Disneyland 2016!!
Fun For All Ages
We Want You(th)!
We Want You!


Be part of something amazing! Join Edmonton Sabers for music, dance, friends and fun. Check us out!
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About the Edmonton Sabers

11403341_10156201471975131_8153196597836200906_nThe Edmonton Sabers Marching Band is an award-winning marching band for children aged 6 to 14. Youth have the opportunity to learn music and dance skills, get physically active, and perform and tour as part of a team.

In the last few years our tours have taken the kids to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Disneyland in California, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and most recently around Southern Alberta, British Columbia, Washington State and Idaho.

No previous musical experience is required to join Sabers. We provide children with quality music and dance instruction at really affordable rates. Instruction is available for saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, low brass, percussion and colourguard.

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